"I was shocked after my first Bod Pod session…48% body fat. Maralyn explained that I was in the danger zone and needed to lost 18% body fat to reduce my high cholesterol and blood pressure. Maralyn customized a meal plan and workout that for my lifestyle and fitness level. After 5 months I lost 42 pounds of pure fat and retained all my muscle mass. I have never looked or felt better. My blood work is normal and I’m now at my ideal weight. After 20 years of gaining fat I am so pleased with my results which I never thought was possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Rhonda G.

"I’ve worked out with other trainers in the past and never saw any real change in my body. After working out with Maralyn I now realize that it’s both nutrition and exercise that makes the difference. Now into my forties my butt has never looked better and has never been higher. I am actually wearing short shorts. My husband thanks you and so do I."

Laura C.

"Thank you for all the lessons about food and hunger and how to manage them. Thanks to you I finally know how to keep my weight stable without the yo-yo dieting. It took a life time to find you and get to this place….but well worth the wait. I am so grateful to have you with me on this journey called aging. You deserve a big thank you."

Carol B.

"Maralyn……….Just a quick note to let you know that I met with my doctor this morning - as impressed as he was with my 25 lb weight loss – he was absolutely shocked at the reduction in my blood pressure and cholesterol over the last 6 months. He said “whatever you’re doing Doug, just keep on doing it.” Thanks again, not only do I feel great but your program may have saved my life."

Doug S.

"I have been working with Maralyn for six months and I am delighted with the results. I have dropped 3 sizes, have amazing energy and a positive, confident outlook that carries into all aspects of my life. It’s great to decide what I’d like to wear instead of wearing what I can get into! Maralyn provides solid nutritional counseling with targeted workouts. She has extensive expertise in both areas and the credentials to back it up. Every workout is varied and
interesting and always building toward the goal that Maralyn has created with me. She is genuinely interested in helping me be what I want to be physically. The facility is airy, bright, beautifully decorated with a complete variety of equipment. I look forward to every session. The time flies and I feel great every time I leave. I can’t see how anyone who really wants to make a change or simply maintain their current high fitness level would not succeed in working with Maralyn."

Holly R.

Running seems like a hard task to start, a distant goal especially following a diagnosis of cancer and several months of treatment.  Closing the gap to this goal and regaining my health and physical strength was on the right track when I was introduced to Paula.  Paula was not just a trainer on a mission to assist me with my goal, but a trainer that stood by me through rainy days, humid days and the coldest of days; signing up for my goal of a 1/2 marathon and running alongside me to the finish line.

Compassionate, educated, motivational, and a great role model for healthy lifestyle living, I consider Paula not just my personal trainer but my personal friend and would happily recommend her as a personal coach for anyone needing a running coach but also to other cancer patients like myself, looking to regain control of their physical health and well being.

Best Health

Marlene MacPherson

President and Founder

Marlene’s Meal Makeovers