This 1.5 hour lesson will cover the basics and everything you need to know about SUPing will be provide in your Introduction Class.  We will cater to individuals or small groups. Just1More Step will start with a beginner introduction class, and will teach you the fundamentals and proper techniques that will continue to help you progress  to being a competent and accomplished Stand Up Paddle boarder. The first lesson will consist of:

SUP Water Safety
Paddle Board Equipment and proper handling of your board
How to hold the SUP Paddle
Paddle Board Self rescue
Getting up on the paddleboard
Proper SUP Stance
Basic paddle strokes.
Basic paddle turn.

Just1 More Step will continue to provide you with tips and techniques for your core balance, posture and paddling and once you have this mastered you can progress onto the intermediate/advanced courses. With our instruction you will be up, paddling and  stoked from your very first lesson.